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Paralegals have become an important part of today’s typical law office staff.  Trained Paralegals often Interview Clients, help Draft Contracts, separation agreements, and instruments of trust.   Some paralegals coordinate the activities of other law office employees and Maintain Financial Office Records.


Experienced Paralegals often draw more and more work assignments that were at one timed reserved for lawyers.  These tasks may include Legal Research and Drafting Briefs for Presentation in Court.  Often Experienced Paralegals will brief their attorney on the research that they have performed.  A Good Paralegal is an important Professional Right Arm to one or more attorneys in a Law Office.


There is no firm requirement for education in order to become a paralegal.  Some entry level employees gain the position through on the job training.  However the more likely path is through certification from a Training Program or a College Degree. The National Federation of Paralegal Associations maintains that a Bachelor’s Degree is becoming the hiring standard for paralegals in many markets.


Degrees and Certifications for Paralegals


  • Certification as Trained Paralegal
  • Associates in Paralegal Studies
  • Bachelors in Paralegal Studies

Median Salaries for Paralegals


Entry Level


Experienced Paralegals





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