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Physical Education

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Physical Education at the Elementary and Middle School level usually amounts to organized games led by one of the teachers.  Kickball, dodge ball, volleyball and other sports that both boys and girls can participate in are popular choices for younger children.  Teachers approach Physical Education with Lesson Plans much like they approach other subjects.  Some share creative ideas online.  Teachers create team games using orange traffic cones, jump ropes and a variety of different balls.


Many High Schools have full time Physical Education Teachers.  These teachers majored in Physical Education Teaching and often introduce students to the rudiments of various sports, even if they have not previously been involved.  High School Physical Education Teachers use swimming, softball, field hockey and team sports that don’t require high skill levels. 


To obtain a teaching degree in this field, you will study kinesiology, nutrition, athletic safety, and related subjects.  Many students obtain an Associates Degree that gives them the core courses and then Transfer into a Physical Education Program at a four year school.


Degrees for Physical Education Teachers


  • Bachelors/Masters in Teaching with P.E. Major
  • State Teaching Credential

Median Salary for Secondary School

Physical Education Teacher             $49,115



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