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Private Security

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Private Security can mean Personal Security, Corporate Security, the security of your Property, your Business, even your Identity.  Many of the most stringent security concerns for both businesses and individuals have to do with protecting computer files.  Accordingly, many of the employment opportunities in Private Security have to do with Information Technology.


The job of securing the buildings, grounds and personnel during work hours falls to the company’s Security Supervisor.  That person handles all security personnel, develops and implements the security plan that protects the company’s physical property. 


There are a number of roles for information security: some that are Internet oriented, some that deal with Systems and Networks, and some that secure Database structures.  The top corporate manager for security is responsible for devising all security measures for the company, securing the equipment and personnel, and designing a failsafe system to make sure updates are in place.


Degrees for Careers in Private Security


  • Associates/Bachelors in Private Security
  • Bachelors in Business/Operations
  • Bachelors in Information Technology
  • Bachelors in Computer Information Systems
  • Bachelors in Business/Security and Assurance
  • Bachelors in Information Management

Median Salaries for Private Security Professionals


Private Investigator


Data Security Manager


Web Security Manager


Systems/Application Security Analyst


Security Guard


Security Manager


Security Supervisor


Chief Corporate Security Executive


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