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Entry-level Computer Programmers often start working with an experienced programmer, Updating Code, generating lines of one portion of a larger program, or Writing Simple Programs. They then advance to more difficult programming and may become project supervisors or move into higher management positions within the organization. Many programmers who work closely with systems analysts Advance to Systems Analyst Positions.


Computer Programmers usually hold a bachelor’s degree; however, there are no universal educational requirements. Some hold a degree in Computer Science or Information Systems, while others have taken special courses in computer programming to supplement their study.  Because employers’ needs are so varied, a 2-year degree or certificate may be sufficient for some positions, so long as applicants possess the right technical skills.


Degrees for Careers in Programming


  • Certification in Computer Programming
  • Associates in Information Systems
  • Associates in IS/Programming
  • Associates in Computer Science
  • Bachelors in Information Technology
  • Bachelors in IT/Web Development
  • Bachelors in IT/Programming
  • Bachelors in IT/Database

Median Annual Salaries in Programming


Applications Systems Analyst


Operating Systems Programmer


Senior Operating Systems Programmer


Application/Information Security Manager


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