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Psychology Schools


Psychology Schools - an Overview


Virtually every college, community college and university in the country offers some sort of degree in psychology.  The online schools provide another deep pool of potential educational resources for psychology degrees.  Community colleges, obviously, can only take you as far as an associate's degree.  The four year schools provide an assortment of options.  UCLA has an active undergraduate program and offers a doctorate in psychology but has no master's program.  Angelo State University in Texas has seven undergraduate psychology majors.   A comprehensive online program can be found at Capella University, which has seven master's programs in psychology and three doctoral degrees in the field.


Choosing a Psychology School


A student interested in the field of psychology needs to define his or her area of focus.  Psychology as a career choice extends far beyond teaching or a clinical practice.  Some of today's specialties in psychology could land a graduated student in a corporate boardroom teaching motivational tactics; in an industrial lab participating in product development strategy; or in a sales meeting developing a marketing strategy for a consumer product coming on the market.


There are also specialties in clinical practice. Areas of specialization within clinical psychology include health psychology, neuropsychology, and geropsychology. Health psychologists develop health maintenance counseling programs designed to help people achieve goals, such as stopping smoking or losing weight.


Neuropsychologists study the relation between the brain and behavior. They often work in stroke and head injury programs. Geropsychologists deal with the special problems faced by the elderly.  Education psychologists study the delivery mechanisms utilized in teaching.


Forensic psychologists work in the field of the law.  A forensic psychologist may be called on to help a judge make a decision on a custody issue; may help prepare a crime victim for testimony; or may assist law enforcement authorities in developing a likely profile for a crime perpetrator who is at large and about whom they have some behavioral evidence.


Clearly, a student in psychology should have some sense of where he or she would like the career path to go.  Not all schools have coursework that focus on some of these specialties, and more subcategories of jobs in the profession of psychology are added all the time.

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