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Psychology in general is the study of human mental processes and behavior.  In the field of Health Services, Clinical Psychologists provide Mental Health Care in Clinics, Hospitals or as Private Practitioners.  Research Psychologists investigate the cognitive and social aspects of human behavior.


Clinical Psychologists work as counselors in one-to-one settings or as moderators of Group Therapy sessions.  The goal is to help people in mental or emotional turmoil find firm ground once again.  They may use one or more tools to help their patients.  Some Psychologists working with individuals may try a behavioral modification technique; others, who work in family or group therapy settings may attempt to use an intervention process in order to bring a patient’s issues into focus.


School Psychologists specialize in working with Children who are showing signs of social or personal dysfunction.  Developmental Psychologists look on life as a series of stages and may specialize in treating people who are in one stage: Senior Citizens for example, or Adolescents.   Social Psychologists study humans in groups, and may work in marketing research, systems design, occupational consulting or other areas of Applied Psychology


Degrees for Careers in Psychology


  • Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling
  • Doctorate in Psychology

Salaries for in Psychology:

School Psychologist


College Psychologist


Clinical Psychologist


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