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Quality Control

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Quality Control Managers work in every type of production environment possible, from printing to wood re-manufacturing to computer construction to pharmaceutical production.  A Quality Control Manager samples production, analyzes it, and then makes recommendations on how to increase the quality of goods. It takes a firm grasp of scientific as well as managerial concepts to be a successful quality control expert; quality control managers work hard inspecting, analyzing, and writing reports about production. Quality Control is critical to a company’s reputation and its long-term success.


Meeting with workers, executives, and supervisors takes up a significant 30 percent of the Quality Control Manager’s day, but another 30 percent is spent testing and analyzing materials. Scientific methodologies are important; those who do not properly conduct their tests are going to make recommendations based on faulty data. The remainder of time is spent writing reports, making recommendations, and doing professional reading.


Degrees for Quality Control Jobs


  • Bachelors in Chemistry
  • Bachelors in Physics
  • Bachelors in Engineering
  • Bachelors in IT/Computer Modeling
  • Bachelors in Business Administration
  • Bachelors in Industrial Management


Quality Control Manager Median Annual Salary


Entry Level









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