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Six Sigma

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Simply put, Six Sigma is a business discipline designed around specific procedural criteria that is designed to eliminate errors.  It can be utilized in any business environment: manufacturing, transactional or resale environments, any series of steps involved in the provision of products or services.


It is an entire tool set for providing business and management consulting services in virtually any commercial or corporate environment.  The units of measurement defining improvement in business processes are defined as Six Sigma Improvement Projects.  Within this category are two “sub-methodologies;” one is utilized to improve existing processes and the other for developing new processes and/or products.


Six Sigma is a dogmatic approach to improving business quality, efficiency and overall performance – in production, in sales, in internal functionality – any aspect of a going concern.  The Six Sigma methods are implemented by individuals who have been through the proprietary training program and are designated as Six Sigma Black Belts, Black Master Black Belts, Champions and Deployment Leaders. 


Generally, the program has developed an excellent reputation as a management consulting methodology worldwide.  GE and Motorola have used the Six Sigma program.  People who are interested in pursuing any type of business consulting should consider the Six Sigma training program as a threshold to the industry.


Degrees for Six Sigma trainees:


Bachelors in Business

Bachelors in Economics

Bachelors in Engineering



Salaries for Six Sigma Practitioners in the U.S.


Black Belt                                $78,735

Master Black Belt                     $102,943

Champion                                 $102,244

Deployment Leader                  $115,818


These figures were generated by a survey, conducted by the Six Sigma organization in 2004 that sought salary information from 4000 of their graduates in 68 countries.
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