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Software Development And Design

Software Developer, Software Development Training, Software Engineering Degrees


A Software Developer or Software Engineer develops, writes and implements software programming applications.   Part of the process and job responsibility is designing a working interface with computer Operating Systems. Software Developers design the Testing Process and participate in it to ensure quality standards are met.  The Software Developer remains a participant through Test Review and Analysis, test witnessing and Certification of Software.


Software Engineers use different programming languages, depending on the purpose of the program.  The programming languages most often used are C++ and Java, with Fortran and COBOL used less commonly. Some Software Engineers specialize in a language or a type of business use such as Customer Relations Management (CRM).  Specialists may become Software Consultants and work with businesses to create Customized Applications.


Degrees and Certifications for Software Development Professionals


  • Certificate in C++
  • Certificate in COBOL Certificate in Java
  • Bachelors in Computer Science
  • Bachelors in Software Engineering
  • Bachelors in Information Systems

Salaries for Software Development Professionals


Entry Level Software Engineer


Experienced Software Engineer


Software Engineering Manager


Director of Software Engineering


Director of Internet Interface Design


Software Support Manager



Source: Salary.Com

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