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Software Engineering

Computer Software Engineers, Software Engineering Degrees, Software Engineering Training


Computer Software Engineers design software programs and systems. They will also be involved in the initial testing and tweaking of a new program.  With new or evolved computer languages, Programmers write and support the new programs.  However much of the Design and Development is now handled by Software Engineers or Software Developers. Software Engineers must hold Strong Programming Skills, but their skills and responsibilities lie in the mechanical tasks of Developing Algorithms and solving Programming Problems.


The code writing principally falls to the Programmer.  It’s the Software Engineer who says “Here’s the concept.  Now write the code.”  Debugging the first drafts of the program, so to speak, will fall to the Software Engineer.  More often than not, the flaws are in the structure and not in the details of execution provided by the code.


Degrees and Certificates for Software Engineering Professionals


  • Certificate in Java
  • Computer Programming Language Certificate
  • Associates in Information Systems Programming
  • Associates in Computer Information Systems
  • Bachelors in IT/Programming
  • Bachelors in IT/Software
  • Bachelors in Software Engineering
  • Bachelors in Software Programming

Median Salaries for Software Engineering Professionals


Entry Level Software Engineers with Bachelors


Computer Systems Software Engineers


Computer Application Software Engineers


Computer Programmers



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