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Surveyors are responsible for measuring and mapping sections of real estate.   Specifically, surveyors establish official land, airspace, and water boundaries. They write descriptions of land for deeds, leases, and other Legal Documents.  Their work extends above terra firma as they define Airspace for airports as well.  Prior to commencement of a project they will establish the dimensions of a Construction or Road Repair Site.


Surveyors measure distances, directions, and angles between points and elevations of points on the earth’s surface. In the field they select known survey reference points, and determine the Precise Location of important features in the survey area.   They often work with Survey Technicians, who are junior members of the crew either on entry level status or who need further education for full state licensure.


Surveyors also go to official files and research for evidence of previous boundaries. Often history helps them analyze the location of boundary lines. They also record the results of surveys, Verify the Accuracy of Data, and prepare Maps and Reports. Surveyors who establish boundaries Must be Licensed by the State in which they work.  There are also Four Levels of Certification available from the National Society of Professional Surveyors.


Degrees for Careers in the Survey Field


  • Associates/Bachelors in Surveying
  • Associates/Bachelors in Geographic Information Systems
  • Associates/Bachelors in Surveying Technology


Annual Median Salaries for Surveying Professionals


Survey and Mapping Technician




     Entry Level           









Source: Salary.Com

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