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The Technology Revolution has arrived on the schoolhouse steps; learning how to utilize it (and fund it) has been an ongoing challenge for Instructional Coordinators.  Computer labs first appeared on high school and middle school campuses to teach students how to use them.  Today we are far beyond that, with Students at all levels Using Computers for Research and for completing Homework Assignments


Classrooms in districts with sufficient budgets have introduced digital technology as a teaching device.  Personal Response Systems (PRS) provide each student with an anonymous method or participating in educational give-and-take during a classroom session.  Classroom Projection Tools using computers have become very sophisticated and that much more informative.  Blackboard is a “"web-based course management system" from Blackboard, Inc. for creating and deploying online and hybrid courses and supplemental class materials.  It is highly praised by the University of Oregon Education Technology Assessment Project.


These are a few examples of Technology in the Classroom.  Utilizing it involves one of two processes: teaching teachers to use it, or bringing in Educational Technology Consultants to provide the educational oversight.  For further information on career opportunities, visit the Educational Technology Information Center.


Degrees for Educational Technology Professionals

Bachelors/Masters in Teaching with Technology

Bachelors in Systems Analysis/Applications

Masters/Doctorate in Educational Technology

Bachelors in Computer Systems

Bachelors in Information Technology
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