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The Bachelor's Degree In Sociology

Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology


Many academic disciplines do not begin to sub-categorize academic disciplines until the master’s degree level.  That is not the case with sociology.  At the University of Michigan, for example, the basic undergraduate degree in sociology has an extensive core of courses that address the methodology of social science.  In the course of obtaining a baccalaureate at Michigan, however, you can specialize in one of these fields as well:


  • Economy, Business and Society
  • Health and Aging
  • International Social Change
  • Law, Criminology and Deviance
  • Social Inequality: Race, Class and Gender
  • Social Welfare and Social Services


What is interesting about this early academic specialization is that a bachelor’s degree is not going to provide the graduate many opportunities within the field of sociology.  SO these specializations will either be chosen to bolster a master’s or doctoral program, or they will be selected with an eye to a profession where knowledge of those areas can be applied.


Ashworth University has an online bachelor’s program in organizational management with emphasis on sociology.  This degree is a unique cross-breeding of management and cultural research studies.
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