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Travel is much more commonplace than a generation ago, despite the fact that the world has become a much more complicated place.  Tourism thrives as well, remaining the third largest industry in the United States.  People interested in a career in Travel and Tourism will find that it is a field with stiff competition, requiring good Marketing and Promotional skills. 


Use of the Internet is also a key skill, as Web-Based Travel and Tourism Sales are a significant part of the market.  A professional in the Travel Business today is must understand the dynamics of the Tourism E-Business and how the industry is evolving around it.


There are opportunities for Tour Guides, for Travel Agents and for Tour Planners.  For all of these professions, it’s important to have a sense of the world political climate as well as the Socio-Cultural Issues that tourists may confront.  Urban Tourism is a market niche of its own, requiring in-depth knowledge of what the great cities of the world have to offer.  A degree in Travel and Tourism can take you in a number of interesting career directions.


Certificates and Degrees for Professionals in Travel and Tourism


  • Associates in Leisure Management and Tourism
  • Associates in Travel and Tourism Administration
  • Associates in Business and Management
  • Bachelors in Travel and Tourism
  • Bachelors in Business/Marketing


Median Annual Salaries for Travel and Tourism Professionals


Travel Agent


Senior Travel Supervisor


Personal Travel Counselor


Resort Marketing Director




Sources: U.S. Dept. of Labor, Vault.Com, Salary.Com


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