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Us Border Patrol

The United States Border Patrol

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The US Border Patrol is an exciting place to begin your career. The field has been growing fast with the increased emphasis of the federal government on homeland security. The Border Patrol has grown from 12,000 agents just two years ago to over 17,000 agents today, an increase of nearly $2 percent. The industry is expected to continue this type of growth for the next decade. The best way to begin your route to a career as a border patrol officer is to earn a four year bachelors degree in criminal justice or homeland security. Both of these degrees are available here on CollegeGrabber. A degree of this caliber from the accredited universities and colleges listed here will position you with the necessary skills, experience and information to succeed. Request information from as many schools as you'd like and choose a program that best fits your educational and career goals. Get started on your degree and begin an exciting career with the US Border Patrol.
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