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Video Game Design School

Video Game Design School


Video Game School is a Genuine Field of Study


Not long ago video games were the evil influence that drew many classes of middle school and high school kids away from their studies.  They have become an important component of the consumer economy and a ubiquitous part of our social landscape - and now, they are becoming a legitimate area of academic pursuit.  There has been a stigma to video games that may be melting away for good reason, given that Super Mario has made more money than all the Star Wars movies combined.


Southern Methodist University in Dallas has enrolled a few dozen students in its new 18-month master's level certificate program in video-game design. Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio, has established a full-blown undergraduate major in "game and simulation arts" as part of its bachelor of fine arts degree program.


The more well known schools are making similar curricular adjustments but using terminology that they are more comfortable with. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and Carnegie Mellon University offer curricula on video-game criticism, games as educational tools, and game design.  Georgia Institute of Technology started a PhD program in digital media and a master's in information design and technology, in which many students are pursuing video-game design.   It seems that the bigger schools are reluctant to call it gaming but are providing the academic resources nonetheless.
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