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Video Game School Options


There area a number of accredited schools out there who haven't had an image problem with video games at all.  These are the colleges and online schools that have developed academic programs designed for today's student in today's economy.  Many of them cater to people who have completed some element of college study, entered the work force and chosen to return to school.  Pragmatism, not academic image, is the priority for these schools.  One of them, ITT Tech, has a number of degrees available in computer technology and eighty campuses where you can enroll.  One of those degrees is a bachelor's of science in Digital Entertainment and Game Design.


Westwood College has three degrees related to video games.  They are all bachelor's degrees of science with majors in animation, in game art and design, and in game software development.  Westwood offers all of these degrees through their online division as well as on their twenty one campuses.  Kaplan University has a bachelor's degree in Multimedia and Animation available online as well as on their seventy campus locations.  Colorado Technical University has both an associate's and a bachelor's program available in Visual Communication, which includes significant studies in the multimedia area but is oriented more toward website development.  There are a lot of crossover skills that might be worth investigating.


These are a few examples.  Research into the field will reveal that there are perhaps a half dozen majors associated with video games, areas such as production and writing in addition to the computer coding and the artistic aspects involved.  As computers grow more powerful, the games grow more complex and the number of team members needed to create a game keeps expanding.
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