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Visual Communication

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Visual Communication is a term for the professional discipline that encompasses the use of text and images, both still and moving, for purposes of communication.  The Television Commercial is an example of a highly focused Visual Communication Application.   The Internet has vastly expanded the borders of Visual Communication.  Unlike television, there is no time restraint on the Internet when used as a platform for Visual Communication. 


Java Applets, Podcasts and other forms of animation have made quick-hitting Multimedia Messages a common presence on the Internet.  Too much so, it seems at times.  Nonetheless, the Advertising Dollars that are poured into the Internet jump exponentially every year.  Written and spoken words combined with still and/or moving pictures are being used by Web Developers with increasing creativity as the Internet evolves.


Web Programmers are creating much of this new communication.  HTML combined with software that makes web pages do geometric tricks, insertion of video and other moving pictures into paged messages; these are the tricks and tools of Visual Communication.  It’s a highly Creative Field, practiced in its highest form on the Internet.


Degrees for Visual Communications Professionals


  • Internet and Website Development Certificate
  • Associates in Information Technology/Java
  • Bachelors in Multimedia and Animation
  • Bachelors in Web Development
  • Bachelors in Graphic Arts

Median Annual Salaries in Visual Communications


Art Directors


Multimedia Artists/Animators


Web Designer


Creative Director/Agency


Web Producer



Sources: U.S. Department of Labor, Salary.Com, American Institute of Graphic Arts

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