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There was a time in the world of web page design when someone with a good eye for imagery and working knowledge of HTML, along with Java and one or two other software programs, could break into the industry.  Today entry level job applicants are going to need educational background and a portfolio.  Web designers and engineers with experience are another story; many firms will value experience on a resume nearly as much as academic achievement.  The industry is young enough and the need for experienced staff sufficient that those who started designing pages in the infancy of the industry can get by on what they have accomplished.


Today there both associate's degrees and bachelor's degrees available in web design.  To be precise, these degrees are usually called degrees in graphics design, in visual arts, multimedia, or some combination of those terms. Your research into educational availability in this discipline will bring forth a number of similar titles.  Westwood College, for instance, has an associate's program in Graphic Design and Multimedia and a bachelor's degree in Visual Communication.  Both are closely related to working with the internet.
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