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Art And Design

Art and Design

Career opportunities in the art and design fields have expanded rapidly with the rise of the Internet as a major communications platform around the world. Add to that the sophistication of industrial design in today's manufacturing sector and you have a plethora of design jobs built around creativity and, to a certain extent, the computer. Creativity isn't something that you can get out of a textbook. But the use of the computer for art and design functions is an educational pursuit that is perfect for distance learning.

Online schools make sure that students have an opportunity to develop some degree of relationship with the teaching staff. In some instances, there are also opportunities to circulate work among students. In the case of art schools, art colleges, institutes and design schools, these functions work seamlessly over the internet. That is why there are so many online programs for art and design; in many ways, it is an improvement for art education on the classroom environment.

Of course, there are art and design opportunities in some more traditional professions as well. If you are interested in an entry level opportunity and need to develop some skills for that purpose, you can attend an online school and obtain an associates' degree in mechanical drafting or in architectural drafting. You can also get an associates' in interior design via distance learning from a variety of interior design schools. These are trades where much of the professional skill acquainted with the career is developed on the job. What the online associates degree will get you is the basic skill set to do the work and credibility during your job search.

There are online degrees from art and design colleges available in both digital design and web design. The difference between the two is that one is more art oriented and the other is designing a web site to accomplish its purpose, whether commercial, political or social. The incorporation of web applications into commercial sites can have a significant affect on potential customers. Businesses have learned this and that is why the webmaster is an important part of a business front office.

Potential webmasters can develop some of their skills through online degrees in visual communications, in web and multimedia design; and in graphic design. There are other skills that go with website development; for those you might seek out distance learning courses from design colleges in online advertising and in internet and intranet management.

One of the biggest professional fields in digital art and design is the video game industry. Online schools have an arsenal of courses and even degrees in subject areas such as animation, game art and design, game software development and digital graphics. A bachelors' degree in game art or game software is going to include a substantial amount of coursework on topics that seemingly have little to do with objects pleasing to the eye. The software that provides platforms for games and for many web applications as well are technical in nature. Online programs work well for these training components, because you can go over it with your instructor until you understand it thoroughly.

Many of these same programs are applied in industrial design situations. AutoCAD is only part of industrial design; the art of the product is critical as well. This career requires balancing between the aesthetic and the functional. You can find online training for the right mix of digital skills to break into this field as well.

There are also a wide variety of fashion design colleges and interior design colleges for those individuals with the aptitude for improving the aesthetic quality of the world around us.

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