Ashford University Online

Ashford University is an Iowa institution that was founded in 1918. They have established an online program with the same accreditation as the University itself. Online education opportunities are available at the Associates, Bachelors and Masters level.

Ashford offers an online Associates Degree in Business that can provide an excellent foundation for entry level trainee jobs in Sales, Administration and Marketing. If you have credits from previous college experience you can complete your Associates in Business in as little as Seven Months.

The Bachelors Degrees available include Organizational Management and Psychology. The degree in Organizational Management is an umbrella for over thirty areas of specialization. They range from Accounting to Computer Graphics Design to Health Care Administration to Retail Management – and almost everything in between. It’s an interesting approach to preparing a student for entry into the business world: baseline training in administrative skills and core specialization in a specific field.

The two Masters Degrees are the traditional evergreen MBA and a Masters in Teaching and Learning with Technology. The value of an MBA is well established. A Masters focused on Educational Technology provides a tantalizing set of career opportunities.

You will emerge as with the training necessary to play a teaching role utilizing state of the art hardware and software. You can choose to work in a classroom or move into Corporate Training and even Business Consulting. Both of those positions principally involve communication and communications skills. Ashford will prepare you for both.