CDI - Everest College

CDI College is a Canadian institution with twenty five campuses scattered across the nation.  Their focus is on Technology, Health Care and Business.  In each category the College offers an array of diplomas that are designed to move students into the work force at the staff support level.

The Technology Department focuses on all aspects of digital technology, with areas of specialization in networking, programming, web design, internet support and network management.   Options on the operations side include training in computer business applications specialist, graphics documents production and help desk analysis.

The Health Care Department offers diplomas for various technical and clinical medical staff positions as well as a full selection of professions in the dental field.  Other health care choices include cardiology technologist, addiction counseling and rehabilitation therapy assistant.

In the CDI’s Business Department there are the accounting, legal and business programs offering diplomas.  Training choices there include E-business, administration, paralegal communications, accounting and payroll administrator and computerized accounting.

In the “Other” listings, there are training programs for travel and tourism, for hospitality operations, for banking and financial services and for police and protection services.  Many of these programs in all Departments are available in French, particularly on the Quebec campuses.

CDI College has been providing IT training for over 30 years.  They are the largest private health care college in Canada.  With their wealth of campuses, their bilingual faculty and their years of experience they have launched thousands of careers.