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Clinical Nurse Specialist

Clinical Nurse Specialist


The Clinical Nurse Specialist – An Expert in the Field


A clinical nurse specialist (CNS) is a nurse who has moved beyond the baccalaureate, staff nurse level and into the world of nursing specialty.  The CNS typically holds a master’s degree that provided education in the care and treatment of specific categories of patient population.  These areas might include cardiovascular medicine, neonatal care, geriatric treatment, or in-house areas of specialty such as critical care, emergency room work, or the surgical environment.


Depending on the job situation, a clinical nurse specialist may well have duties that extend beyond the general practice of nursing.  They may have management responsibilities within a unit (such as neonatal care) or may find themselves involved in teaching or research if they are working in a university-affiliated hospital.  Nurses with the degree of expertise associated with a clinical care specialist also will provide consultation on cases where their skills and experience apply.

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