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Colorado Colleges

Colorado Colleges


Colorado is the land of the Rockies.   The state has more than one thousand mountain peaks within its borders that are over 10,000 feet high.  Fifty four of them are over 14,000 feet high.  At 6,800 feet it has the highest mean elevation of any state in the Union.  Denver, the major city and state capital is known as the "Mile High City." 


The eastern portion of the state is the western terminus of the great plains at that latitude.  The mountain ranges run north and south through the state's central section.  The western portion of the state, known as the Colorado Plateau, is characterized by deep canyons formed by the Colorado River, the Gunnison River, and other waterways.


Those mountains have made the state a sportsman's paradise, in particular a winter sportsman's paradise.  The skiing industry thrives there and in the summer, hikers and bikers are to be found in many of the open areas throughout the mountain ranges.  The Colorado River's headwaters are in the state's Rocky Mountain National Park.  Other rivers originating in the state include the North Platte, South Platte, the Arkansas and the Rio Grande.  For all of this water pouring out of the mountains, the state only averages a little over sixteen and a half inches of precipitation per year.  They have harnessed their water resources however and the state ranks high in the category of irrigated acres.  Crops are mostly livestock oriented, led by hay and oats.


Denver is a sprawling prairie town that has experienced tremendous growth in the last fifteen years.  The corridor from Denver to Boulder thirty miles away has slowly filled with housing and with tech-oriented industries.  Boulder is home to the University of Colorado and is a beautiful college town tucked into the base of the foothills.  Denver and its suburbs have been active in the electronics industry for some years.  Various electronic oriented businesses developed in part due to the presence of cable TV behemoth TCI during the eighties and nineties prior to the wave of consolidation in the industry. 


That industrial sector has matured and drawn from the waves of graduates coming out of the University of Colorado and from people with skills in the business, drawn to the state by its beauty and outdoor lifestyle.  Manufacturing industries include metal fabrication, computer equipment and aerospace parts.  There are a number of federal facilities in the state that contribute substantially to the economy: those include army and air force bases, prisons and the Denver Mint.


Obviously, the tourist trade is an important component of the state's economy.  Much like Idaho, a young person looking for seasonal outdoor work will find it in Colorado.  The service industry is a big portion of the state's economy and made to order for people who are pursuing an education in conjunction with employment.  Online and distance education programs are often ideal for people who are drawn to outdoor playgrounds such as Colorado and want to pursue higher education for those days ahead when a career must come into focus.

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