Colorado Technical University Online

Colorado Technical University (CTU) Online keeps their focus to Business, Management and Information technology education–but their focus is as thorough as you will find at any University. They have a Bachelors program in Business with eight different areas of concentration. In case they missed any corner of the business world, they have included Bachelors in Accounting as well.

Their Information Technology Degrees have some crossover into business–the Business degree with concentration in IT is an example–and their management degrees are pragmatic in their focus. A Masters in Management with concentration in Project Management could take you into Construction, Product Development or International Business planning.

CTU takes pride in their "classes... taught in multimedia format providing a rich, dynamic, interactive classroom experience." Their technical staff has invested time and academic expertise in development, coming up with the BaseCamp™ virtual campus which adds a unique dimension to Distance Learning and works as a tool for you to personalize the process and get the most out of your education at CTU.

CTU also stages its degree programs so that, if applicable, you receive Certificates of completion along the way. There is no extra charge for this–it just means that you'll wind up with all those Certificates you thought about pursuing when you complete the Degree program that you chose instead.