Concord Law School

Concord Law School: Quality education to fit your schedule. Going to law school is a huge decision. But what if you were told you could earn your law degree without having to quit your job or relocate to a new city or state? At Concord Law School, this is a reality. With a flexible schedule and affordable tuition, Concord’s state-of-the-art technology brings law school students from across the world together in one classroom. This unsurpassed curriculum is taught by leaders in the field of law to create a comprehensive, yet dynamic, education.

Concord Law School tailors its curriculum to meet the needs and preferences of its diverse student body. We don't practice a one-size-fits-all education for our law school students. Instead, we recognize individuals have different goals and aspirations. At Concord you can choose to pursue your JD Degree, which enables you to sit for the California bar exam. Or you can choose to complete the EJDSM program which provides you with a supportive faculty and administration committed to your success as you earn your online law degree.

A learning environment dedicated to meet your needs. One of the advantages of earning your degree at Concord is that you attend class on your schedule. Whether your most convenient time to devote to class is in the morning, lunch time, or even the middle of the night, the law degree curriculum is available 24-7. The best part is you'll have access to faculty and student dialogue and student-to-student communication whenever you choose to attend class. The cutting edge learning format, which includes live classrooms and direct study, encourages faculty and student discussion.

This innovative, part-time law program provides a quality education, but on your terms. Life does not have to stop to earn your degree at Concord. Instead, a law school degree can be integrated into your schedule so you don''t have to give up anything. And the unique online program offered at Concord Law School in no way sacrifices the stringent standards equal to even the most demanding traditional colleges. Our students have come to expect these unprecedented standards.

As part of Kaplan University, Concord Law School is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA). Concord is also accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC)† and registered with the California Committee of Bar Examiners.