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Connecticut Colleges

Connecticut Colleges


Connecticut is one of the original thirteen colonies that declared independence from the British Crown in 1776.  The state was formally organized by English settlers from the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1639.  The state produced many of the arms used by the Colonial Army during the Revolutionary War and still counts weapons as one of its industrial products, along with jet engines, cutlery, silverware and submarines.  For all of its suburban and rural beauty it remains on of the more heavily industrialized states in the nation.


It is also an important New England summer retreat, with its 250 miles of coastline along Long Island Sound.  Yachting has a long history among Connecticut’s established families.  At the same time, it has 200 year old fishing ports and what was a critical strategic military facility for many years in the submarine base at Mystic. 


The area of Connecticut that ranges along New York’s state line contains some extremely wealthy suburbs that many of  Manhattan’s financial titans call home.  In fact, Connecticut has the highest per capita personal income average of the fifty states, recorded at about $45,500 in the year 2004.  It is a Yankee state to the core, imbued with the sense of history and propriety that has flavored the New England culture since Andrew Jackson allowed commoners into the White House. 


That same sense of propriety, probably diluted from the Calvinist rants dealt from Puritan pulpits in the 1600s, gives Connecticut and the rest of New England a cultural structure or perhaps just social sense that is somehow reassuring.  It is the one area of this country where things have been done just so for enough generations that if you’re born or raised there, your social instincts go right to the bone. 


So if you go to school there, expect to encounter a populace set in its ways.  That’s not to say they’re not welcoming – people with that much history keeping them afloat tend to be comfortable with strangers.  The state boasts one of the great institutions of higher learning in Yale, along with the nation’s oldest newspaper in the Hartford Courant.  Enriching its history with the printed word, Connecticut counts among its authors William Manchester, Eugene O’Neill, Arthur Miller, William Styron, Harriet Beecher Stowe and Mark Twain.  Kathie Lee Gifford has also published and currently resides in Connecticut.


Connecticut has a well developed network of publicly supported colleges.  The University of Connecticut has several campuses and there are community colleges readily accessible to most areas of the state.  Their availability to out-of-state newcomers may not come as cheaply as it does to state residents however.  Boston University just to the north has developed an excellent distance learning program, if you have moved to the state for a job and are looking for a continuing education choice.  Connecticut is a state of great sophistication in some areas and generations of grinding blue collar poverty in others.  But all of it is connected with winding two lane roads that pass through some of the most beautiful, classic New England countryside to be found in the entire Northeast.

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