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Criminal And Legal

Criminal and Legal


Online schools provide a wealth of educational opportunity in the criminal justice field.  There are levels of study ranging from certification to PhD, depending on what your area of specialization is.  Just as there will never be a shortage of criminals, there will always be career opportunities in the criminal justice field, with new specialties developing on a regular basis. Enrolling in an online college and taking criminal justice courses or law enforcement training and earning your law enforcement certification is the first important step to take in this field.


You can go through online criminal justice programs for certification for either the private security or the corrections field.  Corrections used to mean a job as prison guard.  There’s more to it these days, and accordingly there are more online educational resources in the field.  You can obtain an associates, bachelors or masters’ degree in corrections through distance learning.  In this fashion you can study for a career as a security officer, as a corrections administrator or as a departmental manager at the state or federal level. 


There are also criminal justice degrees online and online law enforcement schools.  Today, some police departments prefer to recruit police officers that have bachelors’ degrees.  Others are merely looking for some higher education and an associates’ degree from one of several criminal justice schools is fine.  You can obtain either in a distance learning program.  What is true for most law enforcement officers is that those who wish to move up in rank must spend some time in the classroom after they’ve begun their law enforcement career.  Online schools are perfect for the working police officer who needs to study in order to prepare for the civil service exam for the next level up in rank.


Other online degrees in the criminal justice field include bachelors’ degrees in forensic psychology; in fraud analysis; and in crime scene examination.  These specialties are increasingly becoming mainstream roles in law enforcement organizations of any size.  Specialists in forensic psychology often find themselves working with the court system as much as with a law enforcement bureau.  An online degree from one of many criminal justice colleges may lead you to a probation department, parole division or as a court investigator.  The career opportunities in the field of criminal justice today are many and varied.


In the legal area, you can obtain online degrees in the paralegal profession.  There are online programs for certificates, associates’ degrees and bachelors’ degrees in paralegal studies.  Many law firms are willing to hire paralegals with certificates or associates’ degrees and let them learn on the job.  Increasingly however, law firms are seeking paralegals with bachelors’ degrees, which can be earned from one of several law schools, because they can perform tasks that would otherwise fall to one of the lawyers.  An online degree in paralegal studies can be valuable to you and to the law firm that employs you as well.


If you have a nursing background, you can obtain a certificate through an online school that will qualify you to be a forensic nurse, or nurse legal consultant.  These are post-RN studies that will allow you to work as a consultant to legal firms who need medical expertise and perhaps research on cases that involve injury to their client or others involved in the case.  Legal nurse consultants can develop very lucrative careers.  A number of nurses who have tired of clinical work have made the jump to the law office conference room with the aid of an online course in legal consulting.


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