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Culinary and Cooking

Culinary and Cooking


The online programs at culinary schools for the culinary and cooking fields are primarily focused on management.  It’s difficult to demonstrate the proper way to prepare a soufflé on the Internet.  But there are some excellent online degree programs at culinary arts colleges for people who are already in the culinary business in some fashion and wish to acquire the management skills needed to move ahead in their culinary career.


You can obtain an associates, or a bachelors’ degree in culinary arts through distance learning.  While the essential cooking skills associated with this industry must be acquired in the kitchen, there is much that can be learned through online programs.  Some cooking courses can be effectively taught online; regarding food preparation these topics may include hygiene, nutrition, food science, and safety.  On the business side, online culinary degree programs can teach cost control – which starts in the kitchen - and effective kitchen management. 


At the bachelors’ level, you will learn the art and science of effective restaurant management in culinary classes.  Your online culinary education will include banquet management and the science of catering both on and off-site.  Also at this level you will learn the business of the food business.  Online culinary degree programs teach their students how to estimate banquet costs, how to bid on catering jobs, and how to work within the physical limitations that various facilities provide.  For example, some catering jobs with no limited on-site cooking facilities may require off-site food preparation.  This sort of critical skill is essential to success in the culinary business.  Your online training will see to it that you are not lost when you set foot out of the kitchen.


For the food lab portion of your culinary training you will have to seek out a program that has campus facilities.  The Art Institutes have a number of locations that provide those courses.  At the heart of the culinary and cooking business, chefs in quality kitchens have achieved some level of certification by the American Culinary Federation (ACF).  Certification levels include master chef, pastry chef, culinary educator and other levels of training.  In order to reach certification, you will need a combination of classroom and kitchen training.  You can obtain the school credits online and the training through accredited institutions or through an apprenticeship program.


Perhaps the most important skills provided through online culinary classes are the business skills that allow accomplished cooks to move beyond the kitchen and into management of a food service facility or open a new business.  Online culinary schools graduates have positioned themselves for a position managing a chain restaurant or a hotel facility.  The larger companies look for formal training in their management candidates, and there is no better place to obtain it than through one of many quality online culinary colleges.

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