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Delaware Colleges

Delaware Colleges


Delaware began its life as a section of Pennsylvania.  Known as "the three lower counties," the area developed its own assembly during the latter period of colonialization and formally broke away from Pennsylvania in 1776, becoming a state of its own.  It is one of the smaller Eastern Seaboard states, bordered by Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland with the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay to the east.


It is the 49th smallest state at ninety six miles in length and a width of between nine and thirty five miles.  Driving north from Washington to New York, it's easy to miss out there on the turnpike.  However because of its size and history, there is much to miss.


The southern region of the state features a string of beach communities with an assortment of tourist attractions.  Nanticoke River Marine Park has a number of charter fishing operators.   Cape Henlopen State Park features a lighthouse commissioned by President John Quincy Adams.  There are a number of other fishing towns along Highway 1, the coastal road.  Fenway Island State Park is an island of open space and the Bethany Beach area south of the park has worked to retain open space and a quiet, coast side lifestyle.


Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge is a twelve thousand acre park in the central area of the state, not far from the state capital of Dover.  If you're there on a tourist expedition there's a twelve mile drive through the park's marshes and breeding grounds.  If you're there to find a school and a home, Dover should be an interesting stop.  The city is full of small museums and historical sites.  IT maintains a cultural base, supporting a ballet company, symphony orchestra and the Kent County Theater Guild.  For those of us with other notions of what constitutes culture, there is the Dover International Speedway which is a NASCAR track, a lot of golf courses in the area and the Dover Downs horseracing track and gaming facility.


Wilmington is the state's industrial center to the north, but is also a city with its share of cultural attractions.  Between the major cities and the industries that have made Delaware a commercial center - the most famous being the DuPont family of factories - there are also small farms surviving and stretches of rural area between the state lines and the coast.


The state's total population is between eight and nine hundred thousand.  The University of Delaware maintains five campuses: it is an unusual institution in that it is privately controlled and has the benefit of state financial support.  There has been some tech industry development in the Wilmington area and the state has always had a strong financial industry, in part due to its unique rules of incorporation.  Many a multinational corporation is incorporated in Delaware for tax reasons.


Because it is a state often overlooked in the economic fads that sweep this country, it's probably a reasonably decent place to seek out both an education and a career.  It has its share of IT oriented industry, a reasonable cost of living index and a coastline within easy reach of any corner of the state.  The weather is mild, by eastern standards - Delaware is a great place to look where others have overlooked.

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