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Education And Teaching

Education and Teaching


Education and teaching is an important component of almost every well rounded online school.  Young adults who have decided to return to school often look toward teaching and attending a teaching college, often because they have young children themselves.  As a result, distance learning has become an important resource for people who are seeking to enter the teaching profession at some level without a traditional college education, yet still attending teaching schools.


There are online programs for associates of education degrees in Early Childhood Education.  You can also obtain online certification as a teachers’ aide.  These secondary roles are often positions that more mature Americans have pursued, having decided to return to the workforce after having raised their own kids.  Certification for these positions is not a lengthy task and can be done through an online program with relative ease.


There are also full-blown online degree programs for Early Childhood Education, right up to the doctorate level.  The same is true of standard teaching degrees, of which there are several.  Online schools have degree programs for a masters’ in teaching K-12; masters’ in middle level education (grades 5-8); masters degree in education – science, grades K-8; and so forth.  These distance learning programs for education careers provide all of the core academic requirements for a job in the classroom.


In virtually every state in the Union, teachers must be credentialed by the state.  While the requirements for credentialing seem to be loosening a bit, traditionally the job required a masters’ degree and at least a year’s student teaching in the classroom.  The online schools have developed a role in this process by providing online programs for every academic course that is included in the requirements for teaching certification.  For working adults that wish to become teachers, this provides a distance learning opportunity that reduces the classroom obligations for a teaching credential to a minimum.  Some online schools have developed student teaching programs with public schools that are willing to cooperate.


Of course, there are career opportunities in education that don’t necessarily require a teaching credential.  For that reason, there are online degree programs and teacher training in education with a specialization in curriculum and instruction; specialization in administration; and specialization in adult education.  Most online schools will provide one degree in  educational leadership or educational administration, for example, and another in educational administration for licensure.  While one is more general, the other will focus on both the general curriculum and meeting the requirements for licensure.


The field of special education is also addressed through many distance learning programs.  There are a number of specialization options in special education these days and most of them can be pursued by taking education courses online.  You can obtain a masters’ in special education with specialization in gifted and talented students.  There are degrees in education with specialization in students with special needs.  Some of these online programs are constructed with the purpose of providing the needed training for special education certification: the online schools that do that generally have campuses also in the states for which they provide certification training.


Through distance learning you can approach a career in education or teaching over many paths.  As with all online programs, you can do it at your own pace.  And the online school will almost certainly be willing to work with you in order to meet certification requirements to the degree that they can.

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