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Engineering And Technology

Engineering and Technology

You can get a great start in the fields of engineering and technology through distance learning by attending engineering colleges and technology colleges. There has been a great deal of concentration on technology in the online schools, particularly those fields that center on computer science.  Many online schools provide high quality engineering education and have degree programs from associates’ to masters’ in various areas of expertise.  There are also individual courses online for people working in the industry who need to develop additional skills to further their engineering careers.  If you are a programmer, for example, you can obtain a certificate in C++ programming or earn a technology degree through distance learning if you need it to move into a new job.  In fact, you can get an online certificate in computer languages if you just want to break into the industry and learn on the job.

For the more traditional engineering fields, there are some excellent opportunities to get started, particularly in the areas of civil engineering and electrical engineering by taking engineering courses.  You can obtain associates’ degrees online from  engineering schools that provide the introductory material for these professions and put you in a position to take an entry level job in the industry while you earn a bachelor's level engineering degree online.  There are also online schools that provide masters’ programs in electrical and mechanical engineering, but these courses tend to be for working professionals who wish to extend their formal education.

In the computer sciences and technology education, you’ll find a wealth of options for online programs.   At Kaplan University alone, there are six online associates’ degrees that include majors in computer information systems, Java, network administration, programming, web development and wireless networking.  Those are just baseline levels of online education, but often can get you in the door of a technology company.  Kaplan also offers a distance learning program for a bachelors’ degree in information technology (IT).  The areas of specialization in this online program include database, multimedia, information management and web development.  That’s a partial list, and that’s one school.

It really depends on your interests.  If you are oriented towards software development, your online resources include degrees in software systems engineering, software engineering management and the basic software engineering.  For careers in these fields, distance learning is a great way to keep up with new releases and program updates. 

If hardware is your focus, online degrees and technology training in networking, network management, network design and information management are available through a number of online schools.  Many young people today who have grown up around computers find themselves at entry level positions handling IT maintenance.  The distance learning opportunities in computer technology provide those people with the opportunity to obtain the education and skills for leadership within their profession and their company.

And then there is the area of video games, a multi-billion dollar business that keeps growing in size and complexity.  There are career possibilities in this industry for animators, graphic artists, software programmers and code writers.  There are also online training programs and degrees available in all these fields.  Game development has become a business that functions much like movie production.  Each game under development has a producer; a lead graphics designer; perhaps an expert in special effects; senior software director; software writers for various scenes; and so forth.  The online schools have developed educational opportunities in video game development much more quickly than traditional schools.  The state of the art video game training may more likely be found in distance learning programs than on college campuses.

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