Everest University Online

Everest University Online is the Internet Campus for Everest University. Much like a regular campus, you'll have access to the faculty on a regular basis and individual attention if you need it. The Everest University Online faculty controls the delivery of lectures, exams and any online multimedia presentations that are incorporated into the course. Your individual assessments also come to you personally from your instructor.

The Everest University Online curriculum is has all the benefits of an on-campus student-professor relationship and all of the responsiveness. You can be in touch with fellow students and with the student services staff, just as you would on campus. The difference is that you can take the classes and obtain the degree at home.

Everest University Online has geared their curriculum to today's world. For example, their School of Criminal Justice has degrees for Paralegals and for people interested in the careers emerging in the realm of Homeland Security. Reflecting the functions of Managed Health Care, Everest University Online provides an Associate's degree in Business with a concentration on Medical Billing and Coding.

You can obtain a Bachelors in Business with focus on Applied Management–a degree for the management trainee that wants to become an established administrator. The traditional MBA is available also–but Everest University Online wants to be the school that also helps those who are already working expanded opportunities.

Everest University Online's campuses are Fully Accredited. Their online education has every bit of quality that you would find at one of their schools. Put a little Change in your life take a look at the opportunities that an Everest University Online degree will give you.