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Florida Colleges


Florida has a long history as the winter haven for Northeast residents and a retirement center for those many of those Northeast residents when the golden years are upon them.  For many of us, it is a state where the sun is relentless, the beaches endless and where the mosquitoes are so big that they have numbers painted on their wings. That is a one-dimensional image of a state with a humming economy, a vibrant culture of young people and a wide assortment of geographic and cultural characteristics.


Where Miami may be thought of as yesterday's tourist attraction and today's urban problem, the truth is more complex.  The Cuban population in Miami, now in its third generation, has turned the city into a multi-ethnic and far more interesting place than the 1940's version featuring beachfront mansions and neon nightclubs.  The club scene in South Miami Beach is a nationally known entertainment center for tourists and locals alike.  The Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach area as reconfigured itself into a high-tech business center.   The same is true of Jacksonville to the north.


Because of the tourist industry, many people think that job development in Florida means that more pool sweepers are needed at the latest Marriott Inns.  It's not that simple.  In Entrepreneur Magazine's latest rankings of the top fifty metro areas for high tech business development, five of them are in Florida.  One of those is Orlando, which is ranked fifth in the nation as a "high-tech hot spot" and which many of us envision as a land of amusement parks and motels. Clearly there's more to central Florida than tourist attractions.


The truth is that when it comes to economic development (read: jobs) Florida has long been a southern hotbed.  Florida’s job growth remained robust and ranked among the top five highest in the nation in third quarter 2005.  During the past year, the state added 264,000 jobs or 11.7 percent of all jobs nationally.


All those beaches and all that sun make Florida an interesting prospect as a college location choice.  But beyond that, the state has some major universities that have reputations as research centers as well as NCAA football powers.  If you are choosing to move to Florida because of the job opportunities, there are also some excellent continuing education opportunities there. 


Florida Metropolitan University has ten campuses in the state that cater to the working student who is furthering his education while holding down a job.  FMU also has an accredited online education program that has all the quality of their campus programs.  Their schools of Business, Accounting, Criminal Justice and Information Technology have a multitude of degree programs.  Their MBA program might take much less time than you think, if you have previous college credits to transfer.


Florida is a fascinating mix of old south rural, retired northeast and youthful careerists.  The beaches, the keys and the Everglades are but a sampling of the geographic diversity the state holds.  Miami's art deco architecture, the little islands along the gulf coast and the cutting-edge nightclubs in South Beach all represent with a unique tropical environment and a polyglot culture that is equally unique.
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