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General Education Requirements

General Education Requirements


The Other and General category is for general courses and degrees that don’t fit into more traditional academic structures.  There’s a reason for that: online general education colleges have led the way in adapting academic pursuits to career orientation.  For example, you can attend a traditional school and spend two or three years obtaining a masters in business administration (MBA).  Not so long ago, the degree alone was enough to elicit many job interviews.  Today, you can pursue an online MBA at the University of Phoenix with the choice of seven areas of specialization, ranging from global management to technology management.   Or, you can attend one of their campuses in thirteen states.


That is an excellent example of an academic institution adapting to a rapidly changing employment marketplace.  Many online institutions offer general education classes for degrees that simply don’t appear in course catalogues for traditional schools.  What those online degrees do provide is relevance to the employment marketplace.  Another example is Capella University, which has a Masters of Science in Human Services.  What they have done is mix an assortment of the social sciences into the following areas of specialization:


  • Counseling Studies
  • Criminal Justice
  • General Human Services
  • Health Care Administration
  • Management of Non-Profit Agencies
  • Marital, Couple, and Family Counseling/Therapy - CACREP Accredited
  • Mental Health Counseling - CACREP Accredited
  • Social and Community Services


It’s a much more straightforward approach in aligning career aspirations to education.  For careers that don’t require a white collar but are just as lucrative, look no further than Wyotech.  Their selection of vocational programs includes standards like HVAC and automotive technology, but also goes into the two principal skill positions in aircraft maintenance and has an auto body vocational program that includes manufacturing custom parts for show cars.  They also have a thorough diesel program that starts with the engine and takes students through power trains, fluid and electrical systems and engine management systems.


Wyotech’s general education courses are classroom-intensive programs designed to get its students qualified and certified quickly.  It’s a long way from the traditional apprentice programs run through businesses or labor organizations that can take years.  Wyotech is another example of the new educational front led by distance learning programs and vocational schools that have stripped the academic function down to essentials.


You’ll find it an interesting process to look through the general classes and education programs offered by our partner schools.  You may see a career opportunity that has never occurred to you prior to earning a general education degree.  Our online schools in particular are designed for people who are working and have other responsibilities.  You can take whatever college credits you may have accumulated and apply them to an entirely new course of endeavor.  You can also get that certification or general education degree that will move you out of a dead end and into a position of dynamic opportunity.  Look at your next educational step with an open mind; you may see opportunities that you can qualify for in one to two years that may never have seemed possible.  Distance learning and general education online has made that possible for all of us.

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