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Hawaii Colleges


The State of Hawaii consists of eight islands: Hawaii, Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Lanai, Molokai, and Nihau.  The major city and commercial center for the state is Honolulu, on the island of Oahu.  Honolulu has a population of 375,000 residents; the entire island is home to 900,000 people.  The ethnic mix of the state includes large numbers of indigenous Hawaiian people, Asian families and Anglos from the Mainland, as the other forty nine states are known.  Tourism is by far the major industry in the islands and it is a year round business.  The weather in Hawaii, by the standards of anyone living in the continental United States, is always comfortable.


Sugarcane and pineapples are the chief agricultural crops and are grown mainly on large plantations.  Coffee has become a substantial crop and macadamia nuts are an established Islands export.  There are some cattle ranches in Hawaii, exporting both beef and dairy products.  Tourism far surpasses all of the agricultural activity in terms of economic contribution to the state and clearly, the majority of the employment opportunities in the state are going to be in the service industry.


Honolulu has a commercial and financial downtown center located in the flat area adjacent to the city’s beaches.  Stretching back from the city center are the neighborhoods, some of which lie in the valleys that surround the area and some that are perched along ridgelines between the lower lying areas. Near the heart of the city is Waikiki Beach, a famous spot that is still a popular attraction and around which have grown dozens of hotels.  Honolulu has an active convention and visitors bureau that books many conventions into their facilities on a year-round basis.  As with any worthwhile convention facility, there are a number of nearby golf courses.


Pearl Harbor remains an active United States Naval Base as well as a major tourist attraction.  It was the attack on the installation there in Honolulu that brought the United States into World War II.  The Federal Government is a significant employer in Hawaii.


Hawaii has two official languages as prescribed by the Constitution of Hawaii which was adopted at their 1978 Constitutional Convention: Hawaiian and English.  This official document requires the use of Hawaiian in official state business such as public acts, documents, laws and transactions. Standard Hawaiian English, a subset of American English, is also commonly used for other formal business. Hawaiian is legally acceptable in all legal documents, from depositions to legislative bills. The third and fourth most spoken languages are Tagalog and Japanese, respectively.  The Asian population of the Islands constitute about 55% of the total populace.


The University of Hawaii is located in Honolulu with a campus in Hilo, on the island of Hawaii.  Also in Honolulu is a small private school, Chaminade College.  Brigham Young University has a campus on Oahu.  The options in Hawaii are limited, but that has not deterred many young mainlanders from making the journey there in hopes of finding a place to work and perhaps an education between visits to the beach.  It is a state of many distractions, but well worth living in if you can overcome them for a sufficient period each day.

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