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Hospital And Patient Care

Patient Care Technician Training, Patient Care Technician Certification, Nurses Assistants


Hospital and Patient Care often falls to the harder working, more attentive staff after the doctors and nurses have done their rounds.  Medical Assistants, Nurses Assistants and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) often handle a lot of the hands-on patient care both in Hospitals and in Home Care situations.


These are often the Healthcare Staff that take a patient’s vital signs and record them periodically.  They will also dispense oral medication and change dressings.  LPNs will also administer injections, change IVs and draw blood. 

Medical Assistants will assist physicians with in-room procedures, changing major dressings, or other sterile work.  Nurses Aides assist patients in dressing or movement, change linens and help the patient with daily activities and sanitation, as needed.


Certificates and Degrees for Hospital and Patient Care Professionals


  • Associates in Licensed Practical Nursing
  • Certified LPN Training Course
  • State Licensing Exam for LPNs
  • State Certified Nurses Aide Training Program
  • Certificate as Medical Assistant
  • Associates in Medical Assistant



Median Annual Salaries for Professionals in Hospital and Patient Care


Certified Nurses Aide


Medical Assistant


Licensed Practical Nurse


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