ITT Technical University

ITT Tech

ITT Tech is a large, well established institution of higher education with Eighty Five Campuses in over thirty states. As their name suggests many of their majors are technology oriented, but not all. Their Business School has an MBA program and they also make Associates and Bachelors degrees available in Criminal Justice. However their one Criminal Justice Baccalaureate with a core focus is in Cybersecurity, reflecting their concentration on the Technical Side of the professional world.

ITT Tech takes pride in their network of campuses; you can go to their website and schedule a Campus Visit if you like. To locate an ITT campus, they provide a map of the United States with 32 States to choose from.

Because they are a Campus Oriented educational institution, ITT Tech provides many of the Student Services that you would find at a more traditional school. If you need to move in order to be nearer your campus, the school will assist you in finding Rental Housing and possibly a roommate pairing as well. ITT campuses have Offices of Financial Assistance to help you in determining what student loans you are eligible for.

Information Technology and Electronics Technology> are two of ITT's strongest academic disciplines. As Technology and Technology Studies have grown and changed, so has ITT Tech. Their instructors and curriculum remain oriented to the most recent developments in technical fields that change on a monthly basis. If it is technology you're interested in, consider a school that started in the field and that has built its reputation there–ITT Tech.