Jones International University

Jones International University (JIU) is a well organized, well designed online institution of higher learning.  Their catalogue is limited to degrees in Education and Business, but their selection of core specialization areas is broad and workplace oriented.

They provide one Certificate in Business Administration; otherwise, their degrees are limited to Bachelors and Masters in Business Administration and Business Communication; and a Masters program in Education.

Jones International's focus on Business Administration includes specialization in, Corporate Finance and Marketing. Their Masters program has an impressive collection of specialization choices, including Information Security, Healthcare Management, Entrepreneurship, Global Enterprise Management–this is a partial list. The point is that they have a selection of core concentration areas in their Business program; both Undergraduate and Graduate, that you may not find in other online business schools.

Their choices for Graduate work in Education are equally professional. They have online programs for Elementary and Secondary Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment that are designed to allow you to pursue State Licensure. Other options include Corporate Training and Knowledge Management, as well as E-Learning Technology and Design.

All of those degrees suggest rigorous courses of study and Degrees that will have an impact on your resume as well as your new career options. Jones International University also has an Online Library, 24/7 Tech Support and a Bookstore for your classes. It's an exceptionally well planned Online University–that suggests the teaching is first rate as well.