Warren National University
Formerly Known as Kennedy Western University

Warren National University is a distance learning institution geared toward the mid-career professional who wants to add education to his resume and seniority to his job title. Their courses are designed and taught by participating faculty members from accredited schools in the area. The areas of academic discipline are many and varied–the selection of degrees available ranges from Associates through PhD.

The educational planners at Warren National selected those areas of academic discipline that are most relevant to today's developing job markets. In some programs they offer a bachelors' degree, a masters and a doctorate. Some programs do not include doctoral study and some begin at the bachelors' level. The system is designed for you to bring the college credits that you've collected and turn them into a degree that will move your career along.

Warren National's programs are meant to allow you to complete a degree program in as little as twelve to eighteen months. Previous credits matter, but the pace of achievement is really yours to set. Their areas of study include Business Administration, Technology/Computer Science, and Health Administration.

A bachelors' or masters' degree in any of these areas will help staff people move into management, and middle management move into senior management. Warren National University is designed to help you leverage your career with a year or two of concentrated online study.