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Maryland Colleges

 Maryland Colleges


Maryland lies just north of Washington D.C. along the Eastern Seaboard.  In fact it was Maryland that ceded the land to create the District of Columbia in 1791.  At that time, the United States Capitol was in New York, where George Washington was sworn in. 


Maryland’s principal geographic characteristic – and glory – is the Chesapeake Bay, which along with the rivers and estuaries that feed it create a waterfront of immense proportions.  The Chesapeake has been a major economic resource as a producer of seafood and routes for nautical commercial traffic.   It has been the site of many historical events throughout the history of the Republic, including the battle of Fort McHenry during the war of 1812 that inspired Francis Scott Key to pen the lyrics to the National Anthem. 


Maryland was a slave state prior to the Civil War but remained a member of the Union.  Southern sympathies were widespread in the state however and many sons of Maryland fought for the Confederacy.  Tension in the state was sufficient that Abraham Lincoln had to be smuggled through Baltimore in disguise in order to reach Washington and be inaugurated in 1861.  Harper’s Ferry in Maryland was Robert E. Lee’s gateway to the northern states, on his way to Gettysburg.


The Chesapeake remains a major source of seafood products, although production is declining.  The state’s major industries include food products, missiles, transportation equipment, and chemicals. Baltimore is a major east coast port and has undergone an inspiring urban renewal in the last fifteen years, drawing new industry into the area.


Due in part to the city’s rebirth, in part to the state’s proximity to Washington D.C. and in part to the educated labor pool biotechnology and information technology have become centers of commerce; printing and publishing are also big industries. Many of the state’s southeastern residents commute to work in Washington.


Annapolis is the capitol and a beautiful colonial city, with a historical waterfront.  It is also home to the United States Naval Academy.  The shores of the bay and the Atlantic shoreline are summer havens for thousands of easterners.  The western part of the state is the piedmont area adjacent to the bay which slopes gradually upward toward the foothills of Pennsylvania.


Maryland is one of those borderline Mid-Atlantic states that has hot, fairly humid summers and cold winters that catch one or two snowstorms a year and which totally paralyze the area because no one can drive in those conditions.  There are a number of private colleges in the state and the University of Maryland, with five campuses and tuition for out of state students in the nineteen thousand dollar range.


The information technology, biotech and other high technology opportunities in the area are significant.  Johns Hopkins is a major medical research center, affording job opportunities in both the medical and IT fields.  A number of the cities just over the line from the District of Columbia are pleasant, affordable places – one or two with a traditional bohemian air to them.  On the whole, an interesting, attractive state with its own identity and the permanent political maelstrom just over the state line, if public service is your interest.
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