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Minnesota Colleges

Minnesota Colleges


Minnesota was assembled from a piece of real estate that the United States acquired from Britain after the Revolutionary War; from land included in the Louisiana Purchase of 1803; and from a small northern strip ceded to the U.S. by Britain’s Canadian colony in 1818.  Aside from Alaska it is the most northerly of states, producing long cold winters and short, hot, humid summers.


The north of the state is formed of hills and rough ground carved by glaciers; at one point a few square miles of that area produced seventy five percent of the country’s iron ore.  It is still an important resource, although production has declined considerably.  The north of the state is heavily forested, giving way to prairies in the south and west.  Like Michigan, the forest is combined with over ten thousand inland lakes – an area which has become a major tourist attraction.


Minneapolis and St. Paul are the Twin Cities, forming one metropolis and divided by a river.  Minneapolis is a major trading center and transportation hub.  Fifteen minutes from Minneapolis is the city of Bloomington, home to the world’s largest indoor shopping mall - the Mall of America.  This giant commercial enterprise houses four hundred stores, an amusement park, an aquarium and a number of lesser attractions to keep the kids busy.  It has become a major tourist attraction, with hotels growing up around it.  The owners have plans to expand.


Because of its strategic location at the tip of Lake Superior, Duluth Minnesota has become one of the nation’s busiest inland ports.  Products manufactured in the state and distributed through the trucking hubs in St. Paul find their way to the Duluth freighters, which can take advantage of the St. Lawrence Seaway and make their way to the Atlantic Seaboard.


The state remains heavily agricultural, its southern areas being blessed with fertile soil and decent growing seasons.  Dairy products are the state’s largest agricultural export.  Minnesota is also home to Cray, manufacturer of supercomputers and pioneers in the information technology field.  Minnesota has been among the pioneers in developing manufacturing processes for computers and other high-tech equipment.  Research and development continue in the field, particularly in the Minneapolis area.  Rochester is home to the world famous Mayo clinic, a facility noted for its medical excellence and also for its cutting edge medical research.


Minnesota is a Midwest state that has a metropolitan center with sufficient critical mass to attract new business and talented employees.  While its weather can be harsh, the quality of its outlying regions and the recreational options they offer compensate for the long cold winters.  Don’t lose sight of the fact that the Mall of America is indoors.  And expanding.


The University of Minnesota is a quality institution probably best known for its unfortunate choice of a mascot: the Golden Gophers.  It maintains several campuses, there are other state colleges, and the Mayo Clinic has a Graduate School of Medicine.  Tuition rates at the U. of M. for out of state students are roughly twice that for Minnesota residents.  The state is showing sufficient high tech industry development and R&D that it might be an interesting place to research, if the digital economy is your field of interest.

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