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New York Colleges

New York Colleges


The Empire State is a place of many geographic and cultural divisions that reflect the diversity of both its economy and its population.  The City of New York is the biggest city in the United States with a population of a little over eight million.  New York City has made and remade itself over the last two hundred years, as successive waves of immigrants swept through Ellis Island an into the city’s neighborhoods.  The Irish, the Germans, in recent years the Russians and Indians: periods of the city’s history correspond to particular waves of immigration.  In many cases, the first generation would land in New York City’s tenements, the second generation in the bungalows and flats out in the boroughs, and the third generation in college and in the suburbs – or back to Manhattan in an overpriced apartment.


The Big Apple is an international financial center and communications hub.  Its port complex is the largest on the East Coast.  Its dedication and fostering of fine arts and cutting edge artists is unsurpassed.  Generations of aspiring artists from every discipline have come to the city to seek fulfillment.


Upstate New York is a huge swath of land with many regional areas, commercial centers and cultures.  Although not exactly upstate, the city of Armonk in Westchester County has among its businesses the corporate headquarters of IBM.  Rochester has a metropolitan area of over one million people and is home to industries such as Eastman Kodak, Xerox and Bausch and Lomb.  Imaging and optics are prevalent among the commercial ventures there and the Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester is among the best in the country.  


Buffalo is the state’s second largest city with a population of 285,000.   Its metro area stands at about 1.1 million residents.  The city grew to prominence as a terminus for the Erie Canal, completed in 1825.  Other modes of transportation and the completion of the St. Lawrence Seaway have ended Buffalo’s days as a port city, populated with giant grain silos and warehouses. 


The city has worked for to redefine itself as a cultural center for western New York and has actively sought new businesses for its vacated industrial areas.  It has had some success with its revitalization.  It will never succeed in changing its weather pattern however.  The city is situated such that storms coming off of Lake Erie dump substantial amounts of snow in the area and winds that can make the winters a challenge.


The State University of New York is an enormous system, with sixty four different institutions and over 400,000 students.  You can go to medical school or to the Fashion Institute of Technology, whatever that may be.  Other schools include Cornell (New York’s Ivy League entry) the University of Syracuse, University of Rochester, New York University and smaller institutions too numerous to count.


If you are one of those people drawn to Manhattan by a job opportunity or by raw fascination, you can certainly pursue educational opportunities on the island.  The question would have to be: do you want to?   Survival in Manhattan often depends on convenience.  There is no more convenient education than an online degree.

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