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How to Become a Nurses Aide


Nurses Aide is the entry-level job in the nursing field. They work under the direction of nursing and medical staff. Nursing Aides' duties depend on training, experience, and type of health care facility.  Training for this position can be obtained at community colleges, through technical schools or, on occasion, as on-the-job teaching.  Some nursing homes and convalescent centers are willing to train mature applicants on the job.


Formal training usually lasts one to nine weeks under supervision of a general duty nurse or licensed practical nurse. Depending on the state, Nurses Aides who have trained in this fashion can work for a short period of time before taking the exam. Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is the term used for those Nurses Aides who have completed state certification requirements to work in skilled nursing facilities, especially those that accept Medicare residents.


A Day in the Life of a Nurses Aide


Nurses Aides assume the basic care duties in a hospital setting.  Responsibilities include seeing that patients get fed and bathed, recording their vital signs and dealing with the numerous small details involved in keeping an inpatient comfortable.  Many Nurses Aides work in assisted living facilities or as day care attendants for people with infirmities living at home.  Duties in those environments may include feeding patients unable to feed themselves; bathing, grooming, and dressing patients; assisting in walking; repositioning bedridden patients; and assisting with bedpans and urinals.


Nurses Aide - A Solid Career for the Hardy


There is extensive turnover in this job category, chiefly because inevitably there is some acute physical labor involved.  Moving patient around in bed, assisting in walking or sitting, pushing gurneys or wheelchairs or equipment carts - tasks like this on a daily basis can take a toll over several years.  On the other hand, a Nurses Aide is the person who has the most direct contact with a patient and many people driven by compassion thrive in the role of a career devoted to making a person with difficult circumstances comfortable.  Because of the turnover, people who enjoy the job and have proven their worth are often valued by their employers.


The Nurses Aide Position can Lead Upward


With additional training and schooling, a Nursing Aide can work in a specialty area such as pediatrics, geriatrics, surgery, medicine, obstetrics, orthopedics, and psychiatry. Many employers encourage advancement by giving training within the facility and offering flexible work schedules to make formal classroom study easier.


A nursing career path would be Nurse Aide to Certified Nursing Assistant to Licensed Vocational Nurse to Registered Nurse. Nursing Aide begins the foundation skills and knowledge that could lead to other health care occupations.   It also provides an income to people who need to work and study at the same time.  It is this sort of situation that can make online education an invaluable resource.  Classes have extreme flexibility, can proceed at your pace, and new cycles of study are starting all the time.  Nursing is one of those rare fields where you can work in the industry while studying your way from the entry level to the upper levels - and it all starts as a Nurses Aide.

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