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Psychology and Counseling

Psychology and Counseling


The fields of psychology and counseling can take you in a number of directions.  For most of them, eventually you will need a  masters degree or counseling degree.  Many adults who choose to go in this direction do so over time, while managing a job and family.  For people who wish to take that approach, online schools are an excellent and efficient method of getting a psychology degrees and counseling degrees.


Capella University has taken the field and practice of psychology and developed a number of specializations that reflect the opportunities available if you are interested in a career in psychology.  There you can obtain a distance learning, masters’ of science in psychology with these specializations:


  • General Program
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Counseling Psychology
  • Educational Psychology
  • Industrial / Organizational Psychology
  • School Psychology
  • Sport Psychology


That is one online school’s offering in this particular field.  The careers range from school counselor to industrial strategist.  It only takes a little imagination to see where an online degree in psychology might lead. 


Most counseling positions are going to have a masters’ degree as a requirement as well, so psychology or counseling graduate programs will have to be considered.  There are online degrees available from graduate programs in counseling, mental health counseling, counseling studies, and school counseling.  Recently, one online school has introduced an accredited program for a masters’ in marriage and family therapy, a career that requires licensure and usually many hundreds of hours of field work.  Nonetheless, the online school has found a way to make all of those pieces fit together.


Another online school program has developed a masters in education – school guidance that is designed for adults who wish to get into the school counseling field by furthering their education.  This course of study is a two year program, in which all of the clinical work is isolated into a two month period each year during the summer when the student must be on campus.  The rest of the program is distance learning, although it is taught at specific hours.


These are two examples of how distance learning courses in psychology have become increasingly mainstream and how online schools are coping with on-site requirements.  Clinical psychologists are generally required to have a PhD for licensure and also required to have a substantial number of hours in the field.  One online school has a PhD in Psychology with eight areas of specialization, all of which have residency, or clinical training, requirements.  This particular school has made arrangements for residency hours in a number of locations. 


The “community counseling” role found in many public health clinics has become a staple of online education.  Today you can obtain a masters’ of arts in community counseling that is a natural training program for working in substance abuse facilities and in family therapy clinics.  The courses that are the foundation for this online counseling degree include topics such as counseling the adolescent; career counseling; clinical evaluation; child therapy; and family counseling.  This career niche is an interesting professional role situated somewhere between the clinical psychologist and the marriage/family counselor.  And it’s one that you can pursue via distance learning.

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