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Employment in Home Care is expected to increase rapidly in response to the growing number of older persons with functional disabilities, consumer preference for care in the home, and technological advances making medical care at home possible.  Home Health Care requires Nurses who are able to perform complex procedures and act in a supervisory role for the services delivered to the home. 


In home health agencies, a Registered Nurse, or Home Care Supervisor usually assigns specific duties to and supervises Home Health Aides, who keep records of the services they perform and record each patient’s condition and progress.  Clinical Nurse Specialists will visit the home on an intermittent basis to administer medical procedures and perform examinations.


Home Health Aides help elderly, convalescent, or disabled persons live in their own homes instead of in a health care facility.  Like Nursing Aides, Home Health Aides may check patients’ pulse rate, temperature, and respiration rate; help with simple prescribed exercises; administer oral medication; keep patients’ rooms neat; and help patients with movement and basic daily care.


Degrees for Home Care Careers


  • Bachelors in Nursing/RN
  • Bachelors in Social Services
  • Bachelors in Health Care Management
  • Associates in Health Care Services
  • Associates in Social Services
  • Geriatric Care Management Certificate
  • Life Care Planning Certificate



Median Earnings for Home Care Professionals


Home Care Aide


Home Care Aide Supervisor


Clinical Nurse Specialist – Home Care


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