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Science and Math

Science and Math


We are in an era of advanced technology, and technological leaps are made on a daily basis. The need for individuals interested in science and math education is plentiful. It is only a matter of time before we see institutions with "top mathematics univeristy" or "best of all science colleges" in their official collegiate motto. Those students interested in science careers and strive to attain advanced science degrees are currently (and will continue to be) in high demand.


For the few core sciences, online teaching can only be part of the education package.  There are online science courses and an online bachelors’ degree in Clinical Laboratory Science available, a seeming impossibility until you read the fine print, which says that students must hold an associates’ degree in the discipline and also have access to a lab.  Some traditional schools offer physics courses online, but there aren’t any that have yet graduated to providing an entire degree program online.


Ashford University offers an online degree in Organizational Management with a biology specialty.  This bachelors’ degree allows you to bring any previous biology credits with you and fold them into the online curriculum.  The degree itself seems to be designed to provide management skills and credentials for someone working in a lab environment. 


 There are online math degrees available as well.  Most of them are offered by traditional schools that have developed online adjuncts, as distance learning has become a mainstream reality.  The University of Illinois, Montana State University and Florida State are all schools that have developed online math degrees. 


Applied mathematics and theoretical mathematics are the realms of college professors and researchers.  Careers in statistics, in actuarial work and in operations research analysis are, on the other hand, business-oriented opportunities for which a mathematics degree will provide entry.  Advanced mathematics education will help with career advancement in this field. Many statisticians work for the government, where annual statistical performance for programs and policies is an important component of budget decision making.  Finance and consulting firms also employ statisticians as anchors of their research departments.


Actuaries are principally involved in the business of risk assessment.  They can be found in insurance companies, in corporate investment departments and with companies that package and sell securities.  A degree in mathematics or statistics will generally be the educational background for both actuaries and statisticians.  While you may not be able to complete a mathematics or science degree online to your satisfaction, one of the things you can do is complete all the core requirements for that degree through distance learning.  This approach will minimize your on campus and lab requirements.  Many of our partner schools also have campuses that can provide the courses that you cannot obtain online, and many of them have campuses in several states.


The one science where you can obtain a state of the art online education is computer science.  The online degrees available in this field often have specialties such as software programming, software management, networking, information technology, information management and so forth.   All of these degrees require some mathematical background and that is provided.  However to a great degree, the science of computer technology depends on an understanding of how digital hardware and computer languages function. 


The field is part electronics, part math, part software code and part hardware compatibility.  Virtually all of this is available through distance learning programs.  The key to success in this field is aligning your career interests with the correct online degree program.

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