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South Carolina Colleges

South Carolina Colleges


South Carolina is known to many of us outlanders as the location for Charleston, the port city that has Fort Sumter on an island in its harbor.  That brick installation was the location where the first shots were fired that began the Civil War.  South Carolina was the first state to secede from the Union.  Its leaders were firebrands in the rush to secession and due to its unremitting rebellious nature the state was singled out for recognition by Union General Sherman at the end of his march to the sea, during the closing days of the war.  Despite the surrender and official orders to stand down, somehow the capital city of Columbia burned anyway during his brief occupation.


South Carolina separated from North Carolina in 1729, the year that both became royal colonies.  After the Civil War, it went through the doldrums of Reconstruction and began to develop an agriculture based on tobacco instead of cotton.  In the twentieth century it became a textile center and also developed a lumber remanufacturing industry, utilizing its forest lands and the lumber products coming from its neighbor to the north. 


South Carolina’s coastline is bordered by the Coastal Plain, a flat area that is marshy in many places but where the fertile soil provides excellent agricultural land.  To the west of this area is the Sand Hills region, thought to be the sand dunes left behind by an earlier coastline alignment.  West of the dunes is the Piedmont area an area of plains with thin soil that contains large amounts of clay.  It proved to be poor agricultural acreage and much of it has been reforested.  The Piedmont rises to the foothills of South Carolina’s mountainous area known as the Upcountry.  These high points are a southern portion of the Appalachian chain; running through the mountains is the Chattooga River which is a favorite whitewater rafting destination.


Columbia is the largest city of the state at 125,000 residents; the metropolitan area is about 650,000 people.  It is at the confluence of two rivers and is another favorite with kayakers.  The city is centrally located within the state and is known for its cultural amenities, recreational opportunities and general quality of life.  Of special note is the number of independent theater groups that are active there. The University of South Carolina is also located within the city.


Charleston remains a major port city and is a major tourist attraction for the state, with its wealth of colonial and antebellum architecture still extant.  The city is characterized by winding streets and historic neighborhoods; described by many as the most beautiful of the southern cities.


Clemson University and, if you are interested in a military education, the Citadel are two of the state’s higher education institutions.  South Carolina State is located in Greenville.  Tuition for out of state residents being what it is, distance education would be a prime consideration for anyone relocating to South Carolina. 
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