University Of Phoenix Online

The University of Phoenix Online is a premiere resource for people who need a Little more Education to go A Long Way. Their Business and Information Technology programs for Distance Learning have revolutionized the way for people to make that step from Cubicle Tech to Management Prospect. The same is true for their Healthcare and Education programs.

If you have come to the conclusion that you need to add to your educational credentials while you maintain your job and family responsibilities, the UOP Online program is the Customizable Tool to accomplish your Goals. They have a Bachelors in Business degree with eighteen different core curricula: from Hospitality Management to Information Technology. You can graduate from UOP Online headed toward just about any profession you want. Or, you'll be headed up the ladder with your current employer.

The University of Phoenix Online is also designed for people who have decided to make career changes. You can start at the Certificate training level and work your way to a Doctorate, in many fields. You can do it at home, on your schedule, with your computer. UOP pioneered E-Learning and is now the largest Accredited online University in the country.

Today, many of the top Universities in the country have seen the handwriting on the wall and have developed their own online courses because they realize that higher education is not something that we do for four years after high school. Hundreds of thousands of adults are returning to school so that they can improve their professional prospects. UOP was founded for the purpose of helping Working People achieve their Professional Goals. Unlike traditional Universities, they have designed their degree programs with that in mind.

The University of Phoenix–putting the Cutting Edge on your career.