Westwood College Online

Westwood College Online is the Internet extension of the eighteen-campus Westwood College network. Their online program is fast paced and dynamic; it is designed to get you your degree as quickly as possible. They have an assortment of Associates and Bachelors Degrees with core areas of concentration that are Industry Oriented.

Their principal areas of study are:

  • Business
  • Criminal Justice
  • Design
  • Fashion
  • Gaming
  • Healthcare
  • Technology

Some Departments have a mix of degrees. For example in Technology, you can obtain an Associates in Computer Network Engineering but a Bachelors in Information Systems Security. In their Business School, all of the degrees are Bachelors: in Accounting; Marketing; E-Businessand Technical Management.

It seems that Westwood has taken what it has learned from its Campus Education programs and applied it to the E-Learningstructure. They know what levels of expertise lead to which job opportunities and they have designed their degree program accordingly.

Their Design School ranges from Video Game and Web oriented graphics programs to Interior Design to Visual Communication, which is the application of multimedia, graphics and audio in virtually any format. The degree options range from the specific to the more generalized forms of expertise, which may fit into a number of industries. Westwood College Online can help you bring your career interests into focus as well.